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Separating fact from fiction about summer skincare and the hazards of UV

We all know by now that we should be using sunscreen year-round, but especially during summer to prevent sunburn when we’re exposed to the sun's UV rays more often. But how much do you really know when it comes to taking care of your skin in the summertime? We bust four summer skincare myths – and give you advice on what to do instead.

MYTH #1: I don't need to worry about moisturizing because I'm oily during the summer.

The production of excess sebum that causes oily skin is actually a reaction to your skin's lack of hydration, so moisturizing regularly will help control your skin's overproduction of sebum. But when your face already looks and feels like an oil slick, especially during summer, you don't want to add even more shine to it. The iconic Facial Treatment Essence is a lightweight essence that penetrates immediately to moisturize and refresh your skin, as well as moderate the surface renewal cycle to balance your skin tone, all without the heaviness of a cream formula.

MYTH #2: I won’t get darker or have spots if I apply enough SPF.

While it’s true that SPF helps protect the skin from sunburn and harmful UV damage, research by SK-II has revealed that the skin loses radiance over time due to hidden clouds beneath the surface, making skin look darker and duller, and which can cause spots to form. Fight them off with the new GenOptics Aura Essence, a whitening serum that targets these clouds to give you beautiful skin with a more radiant aura.

MYTH #3: I have to choose between UV protection, whitening, or coverage.

Nobody wants to layer on thick creams and makeup during the summer, since it looks heavy and makes your skin feel congested. That often means choosing to forgo one or more skincare benefits in order to have flawless coverage, or using SPF or whitening skincare underneath light makeup that melts off during the day. But with SK-II’s Atmosphere CC Cream, you don't have to sacrifice skincare benefits for coverage. The ultimate multi-tasker, the CC cream's tinted light texture covers up any imperfections, while the whitening formula also boasts SPF 50 PA+++ for UV protection to prevent sunburnt skin, and active brightening ingredients for a radiant summer glow.

MYTH #4: To hydrate and refresh my skin when it’s hot, I can just use a water spray.

Though it can feel temporarily refreshing, simply spritizing your face with a water mist can actually do more harm than good – the water on the surface evaporates, dehydrating your skin and stripping it of moisture. Instead, use SK-II’s Mid-Day Miracle Essence, a convenient essence in spray form that contains Pitera™ and other ingredients that can even penetrate through makeup to help give a boost of hydration to your skin.

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