“Competition. They say it brings out the
best in us. I believe that is true in so
many ways… except one.

As a competitive surfer, I’ve always
looked forward to my next competition
as it pushes me to be a better, faster and stronger athlete.

Getting ready for the biggest
competition of my life - the Olympic
Games Tokyo 2020, I’ve come to realize
that there is one competition that I have
never looked forward to, but always find
myself in. This is the one competition I
have never won.


In this competition, I am judged on how I
should act, look and behave vs other
surfers, athletes and women.

Why should I play by these beauty rules?

I’m competing to be the best athlete in
the world, not to be the ugliest,
skinniest, or most beautiful.

Beauty rules don't apply to everyone
and I can proudly say I live by my own.


Mahina Maeda

The Fearless Mahina Maeda

Japan, Surfer